You are

To love God, love one another, love your neighbor, and love yourself!

Our Mission

To make a difference by leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our Vision

Reach, Grow, & Impact
Our vision is geared around our transformational loop to achieve our objectives through our mission.
A church where everyone is valued and welcome.
A church where everyone is changed.
A church where everyone is making a difference.
Reach - Reaching out to the Kirkland community and the world with the message of God's love. A church where everyone is valued and welcome.
We believe we are called to reach our community, and that starts with our Sunday worship and special events. We gear these towards reaching those around us and creating transcendent moments that are touching and unforgettable.
Grow - Growing and being transformed into the likeness of Christ. A church where everyone is transformed.
We believe that our lives will be different once we encounter our savior. To foster this transformational life, we use Ekklesia to springboard our life groups and establish community in our church. Together in community we grow.
Impact - Impacting our community and world by serving others. A church where everyone is making a difference.
We serve together in the community and help people find their purpose and capacity to serve and make an impact. This is done as the body of Christ for we are the body of Christ.

Transformational Loop

As followers of Jesus, we are called to change the world. As a church, we believe this is accomplished by getting rooted in the Word of God, growing as disciples of Jesus in community, and blessing others with that which we have been blessed.

When we look at the practical strategy of how God can use us to change the world, it resembles a loop: as God transforms us, we reach out to others, whom God transforms, and thus, with God's grace, our culture moves toward God and will be transformed.